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Digital Optical Fiber Cable

(7 reviews)

Optic Audio Cable Digital Optical Fiber Cable Toslink 1m 5m 10m SPDIF Coaxial Cable for Amplifiers Player PS4 Soundbar Cable


Name: Metal Digital Audio Fiber Cable 
Color: gold / black 
Length: 1 / 1.5 / 2/3/5/10(m) 
Wire: outer diameter OD2.2/5.0MM 
Core material: fiber 
Wire: Aluminum alloy 
Interface technology: gold plated 


1. High-precision concentrated fiber lens technology, which makes the beam highly focused, greatly reduces the reflection of the beam on the inner wall, completely ensures the lossless transmission of the optical signal, makes the sound quality clear and transparent, restores the sound quality, and maintains the signal integrity.
2. Pop-up plug is very convenient, can accurately align the optical signal and successfully transmit large data volume
3. Super heavy-duty plug, close to the fiber interface, is also very easy to plug
4. High speed, high fidelity, low loss broadband transmission performance
5. Long service life, very suitable for decorating dark lines
6. The body is soft and elastic.
Product usage
Audio Fiber Cable is a must-have cable for multi-channel (5.1, 6.1, and 7.1) Dolby AC-3 / DTS decoding for a variety of short-range signal transmissions with fiber optic digital terminals, communication and audio equipment amplifiers, DVD players, VCR, CD player, MD, AMP, PLAYER, mini disc, digital to analog converter, satellite receiver and optoelectronic device, switch, 1394 card, fiber optic sound card, cable set top box, digital camera, copier, printer, printing equipment, light sensor And industrial equipment, automobiles, medical equipment and power systems
1. Remove the dust caps on both ends of the fiber optic cable plug and insert the fiber optic connectors (OPT OUT, OPT IN) for each device.
2. Do not bend the fiber optic cable to an angle of less than 50 degrees to avoid damaging the fiber core.
3. Before use, remove the dust cover on the fiber plug and keep the fiber plug clean.
4. The fiber plug has directionality. When using it, make sure that the plug and socket are oriented the same before plugging in the socket.
Checklist: Digital Fiber Optic Cable* 1


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7 review(s) for "Digital Optical Fiber Cable"


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