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Video Game Console TV HD Game Stick 4K

(8 reviews)

Video Game Console TV HD Game Stick 4K 128 GB 20000 Retro Games For PS1/GBA/Dendy/MAME/SEGA Support 4 Players Save/Search/Adding



Joypad for Switch

1. Equipped with six axis gyroscope with accurate positioning, it is suitable for all kinds of racing shooting and running games.
2. Linear vibration with stronger amplitude, support to adjust the vibration



Q:Are there any differences between the options? How big is the corresponding memory card?

3500 games (32GB card)
10000 games (64GB card)
15000 games (64GB card)
10900 games (64GB card + 8GB card for 900 Portuguese games)
11800 games (64GB card + 8GB card for 1800 Russian games)
11850 games (64GB card + 64GB card for 1850 Russian games)
20000 games (128GB card )
21850 games (128GB card + 64GB card for 1850 Russian games)

Q:Does this gamepad need a battery?

A:Each gamepad generally needs 2 x AAA batteries, which can work for more than 20 days. When not in use, the handle will automatically sleep

Q:Does this video game console support Save and downloading games?

A:Yes, every game can be saved,and you can download the game at the TF card.

Q:Is the game in Chinese or what national language?

The default game is mainly Chinese, English and Japanese. But we have added 1,800 Russian games and 900 Portuguese games for you. This is exclusive. You can choose to buy

Q:How can I play for PS1 games?

A:Download archive with “bin” format of a game. Then open archive and rename it from .bin to .img. Then unpack it For microsd/games/ps1.


About the game

This game console supports up to 128G and up to 20000 games. It supports search games. Don't worry about not finding your favorite games


Supports 9 Emulators


Supports 2 /4 player

Most games are played by 2 people, and about 20 games support 3-4 people to play together.


Bluetooth-compatible Turbo Gamepad

Connection for NS SWITCH Android or PC


16-bit Wireless Console For SEGA NES Genesis Game Stick

This games for SEGA & NES gamepad is full of childhood fun and memories of the 80's and 90's generation. It integrates 3500 classic retro games. The wireless design of the handle allows you to get rid of the shackles of wired, compatible with 4K TV, and supports two people to play at the same time, which is endless fun! The handle is comfortable to hold and has 6 function keys, bringing you a super gaming experience!!


Multifunctional gamepad, supports most mainstream game platforms

Such as support for Iphone, Ipad, Nintendo swtich, PS4, PS3, Computer, Android, smart TV, set-top box, etc.


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8 review(s) for "Video Game Console TV HD Game Stick 4K"


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